Life in Practice

Amron BevelsA few days ago, I had a meaningful chance to apply concepts I talk a lot about . . .

CHOOSING thoughts that make you feel better now, despite the situation… CONSCIOUSLY focusing on a desire and, to the extent that it soothes you and promotes productive action, neglecting the current reality for the sake of feeling better TODAY… Deliberately drumming up hope–or the next best relieving emotion you can. In this instance, our family dog was dognapped. Through the days of stress and chaos, it was a continual exercise to watch for hopeful signs to present themselves. And they did. Again and again. I decided quickly that these hopeful happenings were going to be the lily pads to ride upon on my way to reuniting with our pup.

This is not to oversimplify life and say that we made things happen by our attitude. This is only to acknowledge that we can choose the ways that we think about, interpret, and respond to an event. Even if the outcome IS preset (which I do not believe it is, EVER), wouldn’t it be more bearable to choose the “version” that feels lighter on the heart? Moment by moment, I had to fight to choose the more uplifting thought (or, at times, the least-grim thought). It was a real exercise. The first day was a pull of endurance; the second day was a major uphill climb. I wore very thin. (An accountability partner was DEFINITELY in order!)

In the end, we got our pooch back. This is far from the point of this post. From my standpoint, this whole fiasco was a tiny glitch in our grand ribbon of life together with this dog. From another viewer’s standpoint, however, this event was a near tragedy, a close call. One could think up scores of ways this situation looked grim; some truly messy details could have transpired in those 34 hours of captivity.

Sincere thanks with all of my heart to everyone who extended their love and positive thoughts, FB shares and reposts on our behalf.