Weight Loss

Do you need to jumpstart a body that’s been resistant to weight release?

Healthy and efficient weight management is our specialty. Most of our clients are women who have had years of struggle to release weight. Here are some of the basics of our most commonly used strategy. Though most of our clients are women, this program tends to work even faster with men. Every program is tailored and individualized based on current health picture, dietary needs, and specific body metrics.

Experience the freedom of empowered weight loss.

Part 1: Start Burning Fat & Holding on to Muscle

The purpose of this phase is to reteach your body to use its own fat stores for fuel and energy. Isn’t this great!? What happens in this segment is a combination of trimming, slimming, and also providing a rest and repair phase for body-wide repair. This is not to be ignored. The metabolic and endocrine systems really seem to say “thank you,” during this phase. For instance, a body that has developed blood sugar imbalances of all degrees can show measurable signs of righting the course within the first 72 hours; an autoimmune presentation or a mood disturbance can begin to display tangible changes in terms of daytime energy, sleep quality, or physical discomfort within a couple weeks. It appears that the internal work happening at this time is enabling key metabolic and signaling systems to take a break, do some cleanup, and reset.

Part 1 of the system depletes the body’s reserves of what we call QUICK ENERGY–namely, stores of sugars (glycogen is sugar in storage form). A specific balance of macronutrients, unlimited eating (yes!), and specific gut rest periods are keys to results. By the end of the first week, adjustments within the metabolic state enable greater access to the body’s fat stores, resulting in a more efficient fat “burn,” day by day. By the end of the first week, the body should clearly be in a “fat-burning” mode. It is very common to see measurable inches and pounds gone before the end of this first week.

Special notes- This phase can present an important opportunity for healing and repair of health challenges associated with metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, and blood sugar balance. Benefits extend beyond weight loss. Muscle toning, brain, and arterial health support happen now. Mood enhancement, daytime energy, sleep quality, and support for hormone self-balancing can all happen now. “Resetting” and repair of those metabolic organs responsible for fat gain over the years, happens now. Furthermore, this is the phase that sets up the body for long-term weight control (so that when you reintroduce a slice of cheesecake, for instance, the body doesn’t freak out and trigger fat storage in response). This is the phase when accountability, coaching and support are key, to ensure that the program and all your hard work are effective, efficient, and that results actually stick.

Part 2: Continued Weight Release & Body-wide Repair

This is a slower weight loss phase that begins once you’ve achieved the bulk of your weight loss objective. This phase intends to gradually increase the workload of the “resting” metabolic system, back toward normal, so that your system can handle a hamburger the way a healthy younger version of your body could.

Part 3: Transitioning Toward New Normal

This is a transitional phase that is intended to gently stimulate the metabolism and more assertively bring the metabolic system back into full effect from its rest period. This is not a weight loss phase, it is more of a body training period. This can be a time to revisit previous food sensitivities and intolerances, to look for new tolerances. This is a time when clients commonly marvel at how their tastebuds seem to have come alive in new ways, and taste preferences have changed in favor of more nutrient-dense foods (yes, it’s true!).

Part 4: Final Finishes

This is a steady, monitored trial of full access to foods from the entire foods spectrum. Your body-maintenance strategy for the long term is discovered during this phase. The purpose is to seal the deal and finalize the send-off of your new body on its new track with solid footing. Foods are now consumed in mindful combinations, but no food group is prohibited. Key long-term maintenance tactics are shared now and your lifetime maintenance options are explored/secured for future reference, as desired. Now is when food preferences and intolerances might show themselves. You’ll have a short period of high-touch, guided support to tinker and explore as we secure the footing.

Program Completion: uncontrollable weight gain is no longer a reality for you.

Your body is fully ready to integrate anything you give it. No foods are off limits. You now have the strategic guidelines, the refurbished metabolic physiology and external physique, and a new understanding of your body for lifetime maintenance. Now is when you know, without doubt, that uncontrollable weight gain is no longer a reality for you.