Nutritional support is about building up the body’s natural, innate ability to heal and repair.

When you cut your finger, what’s the best remedy? Clean the wound, seal it up, and leave it alone. What if we took this approach wherever we could apply it? Clean up the toxic environment, remove the insult, and then allow the body to do it’s natural work of healing and repair. When we can, this is the work that we help you do at GreenHealth.

In the face of chronic health challenges…

Identify the insult. Key elements to consider include a serious look at the environment, and opportunities to clean it up. This means all of your environments–physical and mental, internal and external. Where are you experiencing stress in your life right now? What recurring thoughts, patterns, and beliefs are you living with these days? Let’s take a look at your social connections as well as the foods you are putting into your body… We must consider both physical and mental activity… exposure to toxins such as microbes, faux foods, topical agents and other chemicals the body might be coming into contact with. All the while, we are looking for opportunities to clean up inflammation, free radicals and oxidative stress, boost immunity, fortify the gut, and remove toxic loads.

Remove the insult. Pretty self explanatory. This is where creating a program comes in. Amron can help you comfortably create a step-wise process for cleaning up your internal and external environments, and removing the toxicities. There is a wealth of resources at your fingertips. Books, research reports, practitioners, and daily practices. Let the goodness unfold.

Enable the repair. Here is where the magic happens. By cleaning up our environment(s), we actually enable natural processes of healing to flourish. In order to enable the repair, we will harp on the importance of sleep… Drinking adequate clean water… Supporting a healthy gut. All important. We will help you practice positive habits that re-wire and support the toxin-reduced environment you have identified a need for. Healing and repair are natural processes that happen when we stop inhibiting themEvery aspect of livelihood benefits when you clean up your act. From losing weight in your sleep (really!) and realizing newfound taste preferences for uber-nutritious bitter foods, to effortlessly and gleefully cleaning out that garage you’ve been neglecting… Enlightened thinking and physical ways of being are common side-benefits. Previously untenable phenomena can become possible.