Women’s Wisdom Gathering

Let us begin to build community around women in relationship. Giving and accepting tenderness, love. Heart-ful reinforcement.

This is a gathering for the woman in passage, living through a life event. It is for the woman offering support to another, needing a shoulder for herself, or seeking some steadying support from other wise women. This is for women who have something to give, and for those who are open to receiving the gifts that come from simply BEING PRESENT. Join us. Details here.

Woman. Awakening.

Walk with me through a guided journey of self knowing, new awakening, and re-claimation. Identify limiting ideas, patterns, and beliefs, and naturally elevate to discover new powerful knowing.

Come to know our unlimited nature. Learn the science of instantaneous healing. Come to see our choice within suffering and freedom. Not for the faint of heart. Women, ages 18 to 108. Click here for details.