Client Stories

“Amron taught me how to connect with my body… how to stay in tune with my emotions. We are all different and have different body types. Amron creates a plan for your unique body to help you obtain stellar results. There are so many diets out there and I can honestly say that I have tried at least 80% of them, however, I was never able to obtain the results that I got with Amron.

Amron showed me right from day one that it is not a battle that you have to win against your body. On the contrary, she showed me how to reunite my body with mindfulness and create the most powerful team ever. Once I shifted my thinking, every single weigh-in was just a win-win-win situation—information that my body is giving me so that I could plan my next move.

Amron will always take the time to put the best of herself and go the extra mile for you to ensure and assure you that you are on the right track. I truly believe that life is what you put your attention to.

When I was battling with my body I was stuck. When I found Amron, I found freedom!”

—Claudia M.

“Amron provides me with detailed, customized nutritional support.  She is so knowledgeable about such a wide variety of health concerns, and does such a great job of encouraging you to try new ways towards health, while also trusting your instincts about your body. I always walk away from a consult with her feeling energized and reaffirmed in my health choices. I would recommend her to anyone of any age, health status, and background and trust her to give informative yet nurturing information to me and my growing family.”

—Rachel H.

“Amron has helped me so much on my health journey. I came to her because I had tried everything else. Like most poeple I know I had either gained the weight back or the things I was trying were not working for me. Amron listened to me and personalized a plan that works with my crazy life and helped me troubleshoot my hang ups and was there when I needed an extra boost of inspiration. Most of all her positive energy and overall knowledge is endless and I have never felt better about my body and overall health. Amron is a fresh breath of air because she truly wants to help people and her benevolent intuitiveness is a delight to work with.”

—Renee D.

“When I found my way to Amron I had struggled with my weight foralmost 20 years with some momentary success. I was morbidly obese, pre diabetic, suffering chronic joint and muscle pain, and had resigned myself to dying early. I couldn’t bend over and tie my shoes and it was harder and harder to find clothes. In short I was a mess.
I have had significant weight loss but when I look over my time working with Amron I don’t count my losses as much as I celebrate my gains. I have gained knowledge of how to eat to keep my body running efficiently. I have gained confidence in myself and my ability to reach my weight loss goal, but most of all I have gained a new outlook. Amron’s relaxed non- judgmental approach made it possible for me to feel hope and allow change to happen in my life.”


“I’ve been an avid CrossFit athlete for 3 years. Even on a strict Paleo diet, I was never able to lose those last 10 pounds. Amron created a program for me that was very contrary to the philosophies that I was accustomed to. Not only did I lose 13 pounds, I also made huge gains in my physical strength and stamina with CrossFit. I now recommend Amron to my clients and members at my gym.”

—Julie R. Owner & Trainer at CrossFit Timber

(May, 2017)“I just complete my first weight support session with Amron. She asked me a lot of questions I had never been asked before. Her listening style is very inviting. I have had years of confusion about how to balance weight loss and food intake with physical activity. I have been dealing with weight balance issues since I was 20. Now, I am 40 and my health is being affected and my doctors don’t have a diagnosis or plan for me. I am dealing with daytime alertness issues, energy crashes with food, not knowing what to eat, hormone and cycle changes, metabolic issues, and the list goes on. I had to make the call. I went in with a lot of uncertainty and fear that what I am dealing with is beyond the point of repair. But Amron’s knowledge is extensive and her passion is really heartfelt. By the end of our conversation, I had action steps. I was actually beginning to feel hopeful that I could turn this situation around. I am actually eager to start implementing suggestions.
(June, 2017) I am 7 days into my program and I feel a different version of my body emerging. My energy is different. Better. More consistent across the day. I don’t feel like my system is toxic anymore. My troubles are starting to lift off of me. I am going to my first exercise class after 2 months of feeling down and out. Because I feel so much better already.”

—TK, San Jose, CA

“I am Rebec, and this is my story! Since age 13 I’ve been 6’4” and it has taken me many years to grow into and love this body of mine. In my mid twenties I starting doing all that really challenging and invisible self work that no one sees – the kind of work I wish I got trophies for! I started to shine some light in the dark places inside of me, and heal. I learned to be kind to myself. I learned self-empathy and how to be gracious with myself. I learned that I used food to medicate and cope when things became unmanageable. And I learned I was worth fighting for; worth being seen. Today, I am a 34-year-old-standing-tall-single-woman. I dance around naked when my roommates aren’t home. I don’t worry that i’ll be single for the rest of my life, and I’m finding a deep freedom that I never thought was possible.

When I met Amron in October 2013, I was at a crossroads. I was wanting to see all my internal work be expressed outwardly in a body that felt like ME. I was still carrying around a body that felt heavy, tired, achey and expired. I needed help. I had tried diets and exercise on my own, but to no avail. Amron gave me hope; she had confidence in me and in her program – MY program – which we named BODY LOVE! I doubted, but not for long. I have been working my program over the past 4 months; I’ve been working hard to grow into the truest expression of myself, and in the process, I’ve lost 45 pounds!

Amron brings to the table a program that is tailored to YOU. She believes we are spiritual, emotional, physical and mental beings – yes! She will create a program that focuses on the parts of your being that need extra care, wisdom and guidance. She wants to see all parts of you working together in harmony! She has an incredible medical background that that gives her that western medicine street cred, and a beautifully tuned naturopathic approach to wellness that addresses challenges from the inside-out. She is the full package deal! Amron has given me the nutritional and supplement based program that I needed to begin my journey towards my truest expression of myself… Me unleashed! I have a lot of ground to still cover, but the process is so much more enjoyable when I am partnered with such an incredible woman on my journey! Amron has given me so many tools, insights, and so much encouragement. She has given me hope for what’s to come. This truly is just the beginning! Here’s to YOUR beginning!”


“Amron . . . was so uplifting and joyful and fun and funny and inspiring. She is the main reason that this program worked for me.”



“I learned so much from her about the mind body connection . . . the body transformation has come along without as much of a focus on the body, but so much more focus on the mind. That has been an amazing experience.”



“No matter where you are, she’s supportive of where you are.”


“My body’s just happy . . . This works . . . and it’s completely different than anything I’ve done before”


“I was referred to Amron in the midst of a sort of health crisis, debilitating illness with no answers and no support from my healthcare providers. Even though I was somewhat jaded by medical professionals, from my first meeting with Amron I felt supported and heard. I left with viable information and a plan for short term and long term healing. Amron helped me to look within myself for strength and healing, but also informed me through the process of utilizing natural supplements, diet, and other “non-traditional” health services to get well and remain as healthy as possible. Over the past months, I have seen tremendous progress from physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives. I now believe that not only will I become healthy again, but I will be able to maximize my long term health and live a more satisfying life. Amron provides more than just naturally based support, she provides a path to a better life.”

—Molly A.

“I have been working with/coached by Amron now for exactly 29 days. I was a little skeptical when first starting my program as to whether I would see results within the first couple of months.  As of today, I have lost not only weight, but inches from every part of my “problem” areas. It was not easy at first. I had to be disciplined and hold myself accountable. It is easy for me to follow now, and I can honestly say that I feel fabulous. I am not just talking about seeing the physical results, but overall my health, body and mental health just finally seem to be in alignment! Amron has been a constant motivator, wealth of knowledge and just overall has been really encouraging.  I have never felt like I am facing my challenges on my own-she is just a phone call or text away. It is great to know that the food that I am putting in my body is exactly what it needs to accomplish my goal of weight management as well as improving my overall health.  That is the most important aspect of this program for me and I feel that I am most definitely getting to where I need and want to be. Amron, you are a rockstar!!”

—Elizabeth P.