A Reason to Include Emotions in the Plan

Why I look at emotions when talking about nutritional health & longevity:

One of the key roles of fat tissue is to serve as a storage depot (“dump site”) for waste products the body can’t currently deal with (e.g., metabolic trash; dietary, pharmaceutical, & environmental pollutants; hormone metabolites; chemical garbage). If fat is protecting us in this way, might it also be protecting us emotionally, too? Wouldn’t it make sense that mental stress and emotional “baggage” might prevent fat loss and possibly promote fat gain, as well?

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Do It For Your 83 Year-Old Self

Christian Columbres Photography

About 6 months ago, I participated in a photo shoot, just for kicks. When I received the images, I felt critical and self-conscious of my body, and did not want to show the pictures. So I never did. Last week, I stumbled upon the pictures. I hadn’t seen them in months. Yet, as my body transforms itself to accomodate pregnancy with my second child (I’m almost 5 moths along), I am feeling totally thrilled by these photos!

Christian Columbres Photography
Christian Columbres Photography

I look at them proudly and think, “Man, I looked pretty good!” From my current state of reduced athleticism, speed, and agility, I am extremely grateful for this concrete photo evidence of what once was, and what’s possible once again, for my body. It’s just silly that now, 6 months after the shoot, from this very pregnant vantage point, I am captivated by the me that once was. This tells me something about perception and about self-image and standards of beauty. It took me feeling less strong, agile and sleek to appreciate and actually SEE strength, beauty, agility, and sleekness in these photos. I have two issues with this, actually. I have a strong feeling that when I am 83, I will savor these images, even of my pregnant self and think, “I really had something good going for myself back then.” So, I’ve decided to make efforts to suspend my disbelief right now and consider that maybe I, at 5 months pregnant, really could have it going on. Right now.

Christian Columbres Photography

I hope that all you women out there with skewed self images can give
yourselves a break and find something to love and cherish. Go take some brag photos now while you’ve got that body you’ve got. Do it for your future 83 year-old self.

—Special thanks to Julie Ralston, owner of Crossfit Timber and Christian Columbres, Photographer.