About Amron

An MD with a
Different Approach

I am part of an ilk of outside-the-box doctors. Trained conventionally as an allopathic physician, I have chosen not to develop a traditional practice*. Instead of focusing on the diagnostic principles of medicine, I leverage a client’s personal history more heavily, taking into great account a person’s inclinations about “what got you here,” causal factors, and methods for remediation alongside my own analytical thinking. When developing a self care and nutritional support program, I help clients focus not on diagnosis, but on leveraging the body’s innate propensity to heal and repair***. My strategy involves removing the elements that might be suppressing that innate tendency toward repair, and on further supporting rebuilding with basic building blocks found in specific whole foods and food compounds that target specific nutrition, cellular energetics. Taking an honest look at stress and stress management, sleep hygiene and adequate rest, mindfulness and self care on an emotional level, and possible supplementation are all very necessary. Helping others realize new capacities for healing and repair is the name of the game, for me. Leveraging this broad scope of principles, our work together can be transformative.

What got me here: Throughout medical training, I came upon many unanswered questions about the underpinnings of illness, the role of emotions and the psyche in wellness and recovery, and about the body’s innate capacity for repair. This frustrated me. As well, the entire doctrine of traditional foods and plant usage, medicinal uses of whole foods, and the benefits of strategic eating and nutritional supplementation were absent from medical training. I grew frustrated with the limits of the one-size-fits-all diagnostic, prognostic and treatment strategies of conventional medicine.

In 2009, I decided to step away from the clinical track. I wanted to investigate the patterns I’d observed in my patients, and further pursue studies of non-medical factors in moving from illness to wellness.

Today, I bring a background of over 20 years of study and training in integrative and holistic principles, including indigenous food practices, plant-based medicines, anti-aging, mindfulness philosophies, energy medicine, evidence-based nutrition, and the use of supplements*. I will always be an avid, life-long student of longevity. Strategic eating, mindfulness, and the power of intention will always be core tenants of my programming.

My mission with GreenHealth is to help people feel more empowered in their health… more in control… more resilient—able to recuperate and bounce back from health challenge. This is an endeavor that extends far beyond the current medical model of simply offsetting further decline. It takes time, support, and clear focus. I am committing to you. Are you ready to move forward? Drop me a line.

“There is far more a person can do than simply take medications and hope for the best.”

My work has been a significant value-add to clinicians. As I leverage self-guided behaviors, research, science, food and mental focus–alongside what the medical team is already doing—we demonstrate, time and again, that together we can achieve better health outcomes.

What makes my work unique is my perspective: my unusual training in non-medical sciences; my intuitive skill as a listener; that I see myself as a facilitator and co-explorer; my ability to imagine concepts for health change, despite the current presentation. I combine my medical and nutritional science knowledge with a sharp focus on the human health and repair potential**. My health programming is goal-oriented, outcomes-centered, and personalized. I understand that every body is unique, along with every mind, belief system, and history. I understand that no one can know your body better than you do.  My real job is to remind you that your body already knows what “healthier” feels like. Let’s bring that deep inner knowing to a conscious awareness, and then to a physical reality.

Ready to get started? Contact me, and let the discovery begin.