A Reason to Include Emotions in the Plan

Why I look at emotions when talking about nutritional health & longevity:

One of the key roles of fat tissue is to serve as a storage depot (“dump site”) for waste products the body can’t currently deal with (e.g., metabolic trash; dietary, pharmaceutical, & environmental pollutants; hormone metabolites; chemical garbage). If fat is protecting us in this way, might it also be protecting us emotionally, too? Wouldn’t it make sense that mental stress and emotional “baggage” might prevent fat loss and possibly promote fat gain, as well?

Note: we know that a body will do DIFFERENT things with the same food, depending upon mood and attitude. (Ever had nervous bowels or indigestion? Excitement-related loss of appetite?) Emotional eating can mean that an ordinary food gets stored in the “wrong” way and acts more like a toxin than a nutrient. And, who’s to say that this relationship stops wt food? How about medications, nutritional supplements, or physical procedures? Our strategy is to help you ramp up your physiological fitness as well as your emotional “fitness.” By becoming more self aware and attuned to your current patterns of emotions, you’ll position yourself in a more directive (rather than reactive) role in orchestrating your health. These processes, while eye-opening, tend to be guided gently and in a lighthearted way. Being “easy” about it is part of the strategy. Learn more here.