An Unconventional Perspective


I believe your current health picture is simply an impression of an old reality.
I am here to help you build a new future health picture.
I can help you build a new sense of confidence in what’s possible for your health.
Together, we can ignite a sense of potential that is already innate within you.


GreenHealth was created to help individuals navigate the personal journey of self care.

Let’s look beyond the medical model to realize even more of your health potential.

Founded by a conventionally trained medical doctor, GreenHealth helps clients explore non medical factors in moving from illness to wellness. GreenHealth offers targeted programming for self care for higher health; comprehensive personal health reviews; education, research and nutritional support; and accountability partnership. The goal: to help determined individuals access new frontiers in health, repair, resilience, and vitality.


Chronic health challenges
Weight change
Metabolic health support
These can include support of:
Mood management
Autoimmune health
Physical energy & fatigue
Physical discomfort
Stress resilience
Emotional self care


“Remember, your body already knows what healthy feels like.”

I am an avid, life-long student of longevity. Strategic eating, mindfulness, and the power of intention are core tenants of my programming. My mission with GreenHealth is to help people feel more empowered in their health… more in control… more resilient. We are leveraging the body’s innate ability to recuperate and bounce back from health insult and challenge; this endeavor is one that extends beyond the current medical model of simply offsetting further decline.

“There is far more a person can do than simply take medications and hope for the best.”

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