What Brings You to Meet Dr. Amron?

An MD with a Different Approach.

Hello and welcome. GreenHealth provides wellness consulting, nutritional support, health education and personal advocacy to motivated individuals exploring self care for higher health. Dr. Amron Bevels-Wilson, MD, is a conventionally trained, allopathic physician with deep roots in natural medicine, nutrition, and the influences of mindfulness on the body, personal outlook on health, and physical performance. Instead of serving in a traditional medical practice, Amron has chosen to provide what she considers to be the most essential forms of adjunctive health support: a combination of self care tools, dietary support, and heightened self awareness. She endeavors to help people do more than simply take medication. Amron’s services are for highly motivated, determined-to-succeed individuals seeking new frontiers in physical health, health resilience, and quality of life. Together, Amron and clients explore human physiology and repair, and connections among conscious focus, behavior, and body function. Amron leverages her medical training to serve not as your primary care physician, but as your personal health advocate.* Working with Amron, you’ll actually look forward to visiting the doctor!

“Amron is so positive. She has a compelling presence that elevates your spirits and renews your sense of strength and possibility.”  ~Kay E.


*Amron Bevels-Wilson and GreenHealth services are operating within the wellness consulting, health coaching capacity only, and do not perform the roles of a licensed physician. GreenHealth, Inc. is a wellness consulting and health coaching firm only.